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About Us






An industry based task force established to provide ongoing coordinated career education & training, scholarships, and career and business oppurtinities in the transportation and construction industries.



An annual career expo designed to expose hgih school students and local community residents to transportation and construction business and career opportunities.



A 6 week transportation career awareness education and training summer program for secondary school students.'



A capacity building program designed to prepare local small businesses for current and upcoming city, state and federal transportation construction projects.



A transportation construction scholarship for community college, university & apprenticeship training and education that provides pathways to careers and business opportunities in the construction industry.



The Southern California Construction Careers Collaborative

Annual Construction Career Awareness Days

Annual Summer Transportation Academy

DBE/WBE Small Business Development Program

Construction Scholarship Fund

The California Community Connection Corporation and Freewill Community Development Corporation provide holistic programs and ministries for churches, faith-based and community service organizations that build and revive families and communities. Our industry based transportation and construction programs include...

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